About Us

Born in a small farm-town, in the era characterized by hard work and infallible work ethics, Jacques had these attributes instilled from a young age by a father who believed that your word is your bond. He grew up active and in-tune with Nature. This first love is still nurtured by his love for Photography and sporting activities like Mountain-biking.

Later years his father’s career evolved into the construction industry, and here he saw that the same ethics and integrity apply to this trade. After a brief stint at University, and serving his country when he was called up to the Military, He dabbled in Retail and various other industries before finding his passion in the same Niche as his father before him. Construction.


Making a huge success on his own for over 10 years, he landed in a very high profile Construction company, that saw him travel the world to oversee hugely intricate projects. The facelessness of the industry bothered him, and when the economic climate forced him into a very early untimely retirement, he set out with a select few trusted employees, and founded Benvolio Projects.


  • To become a truly great construction company by the year 2030
  • We will have consistently achieved the lowest possible safety modifier for a general contractor of our size.
  • To have built a major project that has been recognized in an industry magazine. 
  • Our employees will boldly state that they work for a great company. 
  • We are shortlisted on our past clients.
  • To be used by a reputable authority on business as an example of a great company. 
  • To receive letters from customers and subcontractors praising Benvolio Projects and their efforts. 
  •  A national magazine will have written a positive article about Benvolio Projects and our success.
  •  To routinely receive unsolicited referrals for our projects from satisfied customers.